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  • Get 10 times more visibility than normal Business Profiles.


  • We have flat pricing structure : $49 USD / Year
  • We accept Payment only through Paypal.

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  • Paypal accepts all major credit cards. So, if you don't have Paypal account and want to pay using your credit card, select the option as shown in the below screenshot

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How it works

  • Make your Business Profile sponsored.
  • Once we receive payment and the content is approved, it will start getting displayed in "Featured Business Profiles" list on Home Page.
  • Please note : The Featured list is dynamic and it gets a different set of profiles depending on the geographic location of the visitor. E.g., if someone is browsing from New York City then we display Business Profiles located in New York City in Featured list. And we pick Sponsored Profiles first. Also, since there is a space for only 5 business profiles, we randomly select these 5 business profiles from sponsored ones every time the page gets refreshed.

Terms and Conditions

  • This fee is non-refundable.
  • By displaying sponsored Business Profiles in featured list we do not guarantee increase in your business by any means. The only thing we assure is higher number of impressions of your profile by getting it displayed in featured list. That may or may not necessarily turn out into higher Business growth.
  • Please note that once your Business Profile becomes Sponsored one, it does not mean that it will always appear in Featured list all the time to every visitor across the world.
  • We thoroughly review all the details of Sponsored Business Profile, like address, business category, phones, description etc. If for any of the following reasons, we decide to remove your profile's Sponsorship or remove it completely from our website, we will inform you via email within 5-7 business days and refund your complete fees.
  • These are the reasons (including but not limited) why we remove a profile from sponsored list or remove it completely from our website:
    • By any means if the Business is found fraudulent, fictitious or engaged in any illegal activities.
    • The Business Profile has content that promotes nudity, pornography or prostitution.
  • Please refer to more Terms and Conditions here : Terms and Conditions

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